If your ticket is marked "YOU MUST APPEAR IN COURT," your appearance is required.  Go to court on the date given on your ticket.


Examples of Must appear Offenses are Driving Under the Influence, Driving While License Revoked or Suspended, Reckless Driving, Operation of Uninsured Motor Vehicle or Personal Injury Accident among others.  Multiple citations are also required court appearances.


If your ticket is NOT marked "YOU MUST APPEAR IN COURT," you have several options.


  1.  You may plead guilty and pay applicable fees.  A conviction is reported to the Secretary of State.  We do not accept PERSONAL CHECKS.  Please  

        remit a cashiers check or money order.  Mail your payment to Union County Circuit Clerk, P. O. Box 450, Jonesboro,  IL  62952.


       *  Speeding 1-25 mph over the limit                 $164

       *  Speeding 26+ mph over the limit                   MUST APPEAR

       *   All other non court appearance Offenses   $164

       *  Seat belt offense                                               $164


For Online Payments - Traffic School Supervision - E-Pay/E-Plea click here.


  2.  You may plead guilty and ask the Court for Court Supervision.  In order to receive Court Supervision, you MUST appear in Court on the Court date stated 

        on your ticket.


       If you appear in court and you are granted Court Supervision, the offense will be reported to the Secretary of State as such and will not be reflected as a   

       conviction for the traffic offense you are charged with.


       The Judge will impose the amount you will be required to pay for your traffic citation if he/she grants Court Supervision.  Come prepared to pay. 










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