Circuit Court of Union County‚Äč


First Judicial Circuit


State of Illinois



Notice of Accommodation Availability




Hearing, Visual, and other assistance may be arranged


 Contact the Court Disability Coordinator, Clerk of the Circuit Court,

Union County Courthouse, 309 West Market St., P. O. Box 450, Jonesboro, IL  62952 or

e-mail to:


It is the policy of the Supreme Court of Illinois that:


                      Communications with individuals with disabilities are as  

                      effective as communications with individuals without disabilities.


                      Individuals with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate

                      in and benefit from all Court activities.


                       If you require accommodations, auxiliary aids, or other services in

                       order to participate  in Court activities, please make your request

                       to the Court Disability Coordinator.


                       Requests shall be made in writing on forms provided by the Court.


                       Copies of the following documents are available upon request in the

                       Clerk of the Circuit Court's Office, 309 West Market St.,

                       P. O. BOX 450, Jonesboro, IL  62952  or click here.